Director’s Note

Director’s Note: Archita Mandal FalliniDirector’s Note

What stirred it all?Home
While watching Cannes film festival on television, back in 2013, I was struck by how much coverage was given to actresses who just delivered babies and sprung back to normal life. While the press was making hay with the opportunity, it got me to thinking about the millions of mothers who do this outside of the spotlight. I wanted to shine a light on those mothers!

I know many such women who are just as fabulous, with young kids, either working, climbing the corporate ladder or sacrificing a career to raise a family, while juggling an assortment of day-to-day challenges. While, I respect the fact that celebrities undergo tremendous pressure from society and at that height they have their own set of hurdles, they also have ample money, resources and network that helps enable them to step out as divas. “Divas” Yes that is the word I was looking for. Bingo! That thought led to another question – What is the common perception of “Divas” really? As per mainstream image, divas are young, good looking, and talented women in their prime; typically, also women who tend to be single and without kids. Though the image is changing gradually, it is limited to those with celebrity status. Everyone else is “invisible”. No one ever talks about middle-aged and middle-class mothers! Mothers are the unsung heroes of many people’s lives. If women of fame, who are mothers, can stand out as divas, then so can women who are invisible to the world at large, but are divas, in their own rights!.

Now, combine all this and ask the question, where you can find an abundance of such real divas. Silicon Valley! A crucible of capitalism: fast-paced, uber-aggressive, and an arena of ideas, that attracts talent and energy from far reaches. A place you can achieve as much as possible and scarcely afford to be laid-back because the sharks will eat you for lunch.

What’s the big deal? You might ask. The big deal is these women can swim with the sharks and do it in style. These women have beauty with brains and have managed to stay in touch with their inherent talents despite the cacophony that surrounds their lives. They are ace dancers, singers, athletes, artists and mostly bring these talents to life for social causes. That to me is very powerful. Because, I live among these women and know how brilliant they are. Their stories are untold. What does it take to have that mind set to succeed in your own unique way, in the Silicon Valley, as a mother?

Not done yet! Age is another stigma that society has. We crumble under the belief that with age you are less attractive. Many fear late thirties, early forties and an older age. This societal pressure is especially intense on women.

My goal was to showcase these women in a music video, to break all these aforementioned myths and misconceptions. This is where I begin my journey, with them. The women in my music video are real people and not models playing the part. From peppy music to energetic choreography, from brilliant cinematography to precise editing, we have an ace team to bring all of these elements to reality, to drive this dream I have envisioned.

My effort was to create a music video that goes viral, (and gets picked up at festivals) so that every mom on the planet with access to the Internet can watch this video, enjoy the music and associate with it in some way. That will be the biggest reward- To give the mothers out there a few minutes of glory and fun because it’s their story!!
Please help us weave this together and produce a fascinating and fun video.
Together we are telling a story that needs to be told and pulling back the curtain on a wonderful play for you to behold.